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DNS Pediatric Courses Part 1

August 26 - 29, 2024 

4- Day Course 


@S31 Sukhumvit Hotel

545 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei Nuea,

Watthana, Bangkok 10110  

Course Objectives

  • Complete DNS Pediatric courses I, II and III and pass DNS Pediatric tests I, II and III. If a student already completed DNS courses A and B and passed the corresponding A and B tests, they only need to complete DNS Pediatric courses II and III and pass the corresponding tests (the test for DNS Pediatric course I is not required as the same material is covered in DNS courses A and B)

  • Three years of DNS practice is required from the time of the practitioner's first DNS course

  • The practitioner is eligible to register for DNS D course in Prague once he/she completed a total of 5 DNS courses (DNS Pediatric courses I, II and III + any other 2 DNS courses or, DNS A and B, DNS Pediatric course II and III + one additional DNS course of any kind).

  • Passing DNS practical pediatric test and successfully passing written DNS course D test will earn a student diploma as a Certified DNS Pediatric Practitioner.


Magdalena Lepsikova, MPT

Payment method : Bank Transfer only 


** Registration is successful when the registration fee is paid and attach  payment is transferred **



Course Payment and Organization

Sport Professional Physiotherapist Thailand (SPPT)

Wannaratana Yaiyong(Yai)

+66862562919  +66655366900

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