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DNS Yoga Specific Rehabilitation Course Parts 1 and 2

December 5 - 8, 2020

4 - Day Course

**Pre-requisite: DNS A or DNS Exercise 1**


@Rehab Therapy by Yai

102 AQ Estate Rimklongbangkapi Rd. 

Bangkapi, Huai Khwang Dist. BKK

Thailand 10310

Course objectives:


- Demonstrate the foundations of the basic principles of physiological movement through functional joint centration and their applications in asana practice.

- Explore feet and hand support relationships, principles of skeletal symmetry, muscle balance/imbalance.

- Demonstrate functional joint centration during static and dynamic loading.

- Demonstrate working in open and closed kinetic chains.

- Correcting dysfunctional patterns with coordinated co-contraction of antagonists. 

- Demonstrate an understanding of indications, contraindications, and modifications for patients.

- Practicing variations of Pranayama.

- Foot mobilisations in supportiing function.

- Isolated movement patterns of the hip in unloaded positions.

- Flow Class.

- Isolated movement patterns of the hip in loaded positions.

- Rehabilitation Applications.

- Transitions  in yoga asanas, linking developmental ontogenisis for hip mobility and stability.

- Pranayama-Role of the lower abdominal wall.

- Movement patterns of hip joint in differentiated and undifferentiated seated positions.

- Muscle pulls relating to actions of the hip.

- Isolated Hip Extension in yoga asanas.

- Flow Class – review of movement patterns of the hip for mobility and stability.

- Rehabilitative perspective of Pranayama.



Martina Jezkova, MPT


Price : 26,789 ฿ ( Vat included)

Payment method : Bank Transfer 


** Registration is successful when the registration fee is paid and attach  payment is transferred **



Course Payment and Organization

Sport Professional Physiotherapist Thailand (SPPT)

Wannaratana Yaiyong(Yai)

+66862562919 ,+66655366900 ,+66923419008


Kenny Hsiao

Taiwan Institute of FAscia Research (TIFAR)

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