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Skills course with focus on foot and Klapp crawling

August 20 - 21, 2024 

2 - Day Course 


@S31 Sukhumvit Hotel

545 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei Nuea,

Watthana, Bangkok 10110  

Course Objectives

  • Developmental aspects & foot formation, influence of the CNS function on foot structural maturation

  • Foot biomechanics from the developmental perspective; stepping forward, supporting function, foot function during gait cycle

  • Foot and ankle functional evaluation from developmental perspective

  • Functional foot centration from the developmental perspective

  • DNS active exercise positions to centrate the foot and to coordinate muscles in foot region

  • Mobilization, relaxation and soft tissue techniques according to Lewit to normalize foot function

  • Foot awareness assessment and treatment (foot cortical representation training)

  • Typical chain reactions and types of musculoskeletal dysfunction resulting from foot dysfunction

  • Self treatment techniques for foot dysfunction

  • DNS concepts and principles in order to enhance the effectiveness and application of the Klapp Crawling exercises

  • Crawling on all fours to correct body posture by reducing pressure on the spine

  • Klapp crawling and DNS concept to achieve optimal foot function


Magdalena Lepsikova, MPT

Payment method : Bank Transfer only 


** Registration is successful when the registration fee is paid and attach  payment is transferred **



Course Payment and Organization

Sport Professional Physiotherapist Thailand (SPPT)

Wannaratana Yaiyong(Yai)

+66862562919  +66655366900

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